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Dazzle Pawn™ Complete Installation Program. (Version 1.15.02-10) (Oct 2015 )

 Complete install from scratch. Newest Dazzle 1.15.02-10 (last change: Dec.2015)

Maintenance release

We invite all pawnbrokers to download this free, and try it out.
Simple installation. Really!  No password needed. No registration required. You'll be dazzled!
Requires Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 or WIndows Server 2008/2012/2012-R2


Already using Dazzle? Want to upgrade to the newest version?.

Dazzle Pawn™ Upgrade
 Upgrade your existing Dazzle system to Version 1.15.02-10 (last change: Dec.2015)

Download and run this program if you are using Dazzle 1.15.01 or earlier and want to upgrade to 1.15.02-10


This update should be run on your server, then on each workstation.


Worried about upgrading?
Read: How to upgrade Dazzle smoothly ...Click Here


Get latest "patch" (no.10) for Dazzle 1.15.02  (last change: Dec.2015) This patch is only for users already using Dazzle 1.15.02.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to "patch" your Dazzle system



Remote support.

Remote Support"Don't panic!  Click me!"

Need help? Click the help "nerd" above. Choose RUN if you can, otherwise SAVE to your "downloads" folder.
Then open "Downloads" and click "RUN" It will allow you to connect to us so we can help you troubleshoot.

Other Downloads

DOWNLOAD Dazzle™ ID Scanner Install Click this link to download the latest IDScan software from the manufacturer's site. (Installs or updates drivers and software for Scanshell 800R ID scanner)

DOWNLOAD Dazzle Biometric Install Do NOT use manufacturer's drivers. Dazzle Systems Inc has a special digitally signed fingerprint driver to work with both 32 and 64bit systems. (Simple installation, fully automatic.) Documentation/instructions here.

DOWNLOAD Arial "Narrow" font for Windows Click this link to download the "Arial Narrow" font. Some versions of Windows lack this font, which will cause certain printed dates, names etc., in Dazzle™ not to "fit" in the space allotted. To cure this problem, click the link to download the file called "ARIALN.TTF" and save it on your computer. After saving it, install it on your computer.  Click here for easy installation instructions.

DOWNLOAD Accounting. FAQ: Why do my transaction journal figures disagree with my data totals?

  DOWNLOAD Folder Structure. Diagram of folder strucure needed if seting up a Dazzle server