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DAZZLE features
and specifications

  • pawnbrokers
  • buy-sell shops
  • second-hand dealers
  • third-party cheque-cashers
  • delayed-presentment (payday advance) lenders
  • jewellery shops
  • and all related businesses, including yours.
  • In both the USA* and the UK.

    *not available in California

  • DAZZLE is carefully engineered to operate equally well on either side of the Atlantic. The system contains logic to deal with the different laws and circumstances in different countries. As far as you are concerned, all you need to do is select "USA" or "UK" from the menu. DAZZLE™ takes care of the rest.

  • It is no exaggeration to say ...
    DAZZLE PAWN IS your business . . .
  • Together with your energy and your business-know-how, it is the tireless heartbeat and brains of every aspect of your operation.
  • It is a comprehensive, secure, scalable, state-of-the art software system that runs on Microsoft® Windows®. It has a modern, easy-to-learn graphical interface that makes it a pleasure to work with.
  • It consists of a powerful but easy-to-use group of screens and reports, cleverly integrated with a specially designed secure database.
  • Together, these elements are your best friend: a fast, flawless tool for tracking, organizing and controlling every aspect of your business, from the time you open your doors, to when you go to the bank and deposit the money.