I just can't imagine handling our volume of business with any technology less than Dazzle. We often write more than 700 pawn tickets in a single day and Dazzle handles them all fast and flawlessly. It contains a great many features and innovations that save us lots of time and money. We've been using software from this company for 20 years now, and they have been a significant contribution to our success.
Les & Seth Gold, American Jewelry & Loan,
pawnbrokers, buy and sell, Jewelers,
and stars of the popular TV show "Hard Core Pawn."
Detroit MI

This business could not survive if things did not run smooth and problem-free. Luckily problems are something we don't have to deal with when it comes to Dazzle. It is very reliable and the customer service is speedy.
Bob Black, Alistair Black Jewellers
Jewellers, Pawnbrokers, Cheque-Cashers.
Woodham Ferry, UK.

We operate the largest shop in the state, if not in the country. This is a very high volume business. We often exceed 1200 transactions per day, using nothing but Dazzle. We have been using this same company's system for over 20 years now, and I can't imagine how we could have grown so much without it. It is fast, reliable, and absolutely indispensible. If you need software - don't fool around. Just get Dazzle!
Tommy Labret, Zeidman's,
Pawnbrokers, Jewelers
Detroit, & Southfield, Michigan.

We just LOVE the built-in TEXT-MESSAGING. We just click a button and a personalized message pops up on the customers phone. it brings the late customers RUNNING back in to pay us money.
John Winter,
"Cash In Hand" Head office, Grant City, IA.

The system is stable, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Most importantly, I know I can rely on it for the long run.
Tod Bello, Ideal Pawn,
Pawnbroker, Check-Casher, Jeweler
Brockton MA.

For anything this good you'd expect to pay more! Dazzle is a necessity for peace of mind.
Nathan Segal, Nathan's Lynnhaven Pawn,
Jeweler & Pawnbroker, Virginia Beach VA.

It's made me a lot of money being able to do things that others couldn't. It's a necessity in order to be competitive in this business. It is a complete system and you just don't need anything else. Also the customer service is a huge deal to us.
Jay Freidman, Bonded Loan Office,
Jeweler & Pawnbroker, Columbia SC.

I've always recommended it and will continue to do so. Dazzle is state of the art. It's better than anything else out there. The general business report is very useful for spotting trends and the yearly comparison is very helpful for crunching out numbers that are useful and pertinent to our business. Managing without it would be - - - unimaginable!
Edward Bean, Suffolk Jewellers and Pawnbrokers,
Boston MA.

If you set it up properly it's an absolute breeze ... very easy to use ... very logical ... everyone loves it. It looks nice, it works great, it's speedy, and it's very stable. I would recommend it without any doubt because it's so well developed. It does what we want a system to do. And because it's secure, it keeps me safe.
Daniel Grimes: "Cheque and Pawn" 3 shops, Cheque Cashing, Pawnbroking, Buy and Sell, and Jewellers, Hampshire, UK.

We have 8 shops. I'm able to pull information from the tip of my fingers, and It's very user friendly. Employees are able to jump right into it and get done what they need.
Fall River Pawnbrokers,
Pawnbrokers & Jewelers, Fall River MA.

Dazzle is a very minimal monetary investment for what it does. We couldn't survive without it.
The customer service is speedy, and the program reliable.
Dan Lloyd Jr - 2 shops. Facet Jewelry, Music, & Pawn,
Cincinnati OH.

We run 20 pawn shops, so we appreciate that it's really easy to train staff on Dazzle. We just "throw" it at them & they understand it. That saves us money because we are so much more efficient and we can provide better service. Also it is very dependable: it never crashes, even if the power goes off. That's good because life without it would be a big headache.
John Kinney. Lev's Pawn shops,
A chain of 20 Pawn shops in Ohio and Indiana.

In over twenty years I have not found a better system to run our two pawn shops. Each successive version continues to amaze me. I have recommended it to every pawnbroker I know - whether looking for a first-time system or to switch from their current system.
Ric Blum, Ohio Loan Co, Dayton OH.

The previous system we had was a disaster and left me in quite a lot of trouble. Dazzle is very reliable, it's much better. For me, it's a necessity to keep everything going.
Kerry Beney, Cash Concepts,
Cheque-cashing, pawnbroking, buy and sell,
Chemsford, Essex, UK

WOW!! Dazzle is modern with up-to-date graphics, easy-to-read screens and enhanced information and reports. Excellent next generation of Pawn Software. Try it – You will be "Dazzled” !!
David Adelman, Jerry's Pawn shops,
Pawnbrokers, Jewelers, Check-Cashers, Atlanta GA and Buckhead GA.

Operating 5 shops, Dazzle is definitely a necessity. It helps me keep track of everything. It does everything. The ease of use, simplicity, and the way it works makes it not only an option for pawn shops, but for retail outlets also. It makes doing sales a breeze!
Doug Brandt, The Pawnshops,
Pawnbrokers, Secondhand & Retail Jewelers,
Roanoke VA

My employees really like Dazzle's screens. They can readily find whatever they're looking for, and can see all the information that they need all off one screen, which allows them to make better loans. This makes me feel more comfortable, and secure.
Craig Rabiner, Kohn's,
Pawnbroker, Jeweler, Check-Cashing, Lima OH

In my shops , Dazzle is a necessity. I feel that it keeps me safe on the legal side of things. Between the money laundering regulations, the possibility of stolen goods, and other legal issues, Dazzle covers it all. It leaves me feeling secure and safe.
Paul Ponder , Clacton Cash Exchange,
Dovercourt Cash Exchange,
Buy and Sell, Cheque-Cashing, Payday Loans
Essex UK

Dazzle technology helps a lot. Doing things the old way is just insane to me. It has a lot of features other systems don't have. I especially like the part that analyzes the efficiency of my employees. Day in, day out, it just works! It's ... dazzling! That's all I have to say.
Ben Levinson, Dynasty Jewelry & Loan,
Pawnbroking, Buy and sell, Jewelers
Norcross GA

There aren't too many off the shelf cheque-cashing or Pawnbroking sofware solutions out there. If you're thinking of trying to spend the time and money to have something custom designed, it is very expensive . Dazzle on the other hand is a neat and easy solution , it's Windows-based, and easy to use.
Marcus Callaway, Cash 'n Go, cheque-cashers, buy-sell,
Colchester, UK

It's a fabulous program. The myriad of things you can find in it is amazing ... it goes beyond whatever you could imagine. It gives you the full picture of what's going on. Since we started with the system we have doubled our customers just because of how the software lets us operate. It lets me be fair and consistent, and it has changed my relationship with the community. If I didn't have it, what woud I do? I'd be lost. It's absolutely essential for this business.
Sergio Jaramillo, Liberty Loan Co, & Broadway Jewelers,
Chelsea MA

I wouldn't change a thing with the program.
Alan Klein, Diamond Collateral Inc.,
voted "America's Sexiest Pawnbroker"

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