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The DAZZLE PAWN pawnbrokers' system is the climax of over 25 years experience perfecting pawn industry software, and helping businesses like yours .

DAZZLE PAWN is the ultimate design from software-developer Derek Best, (the original designer of the well-known XPawn® system), and some very talented programmers and designers. Best has been dedicated to the pawn industry ever since developing the first PC-based pawnshop program way-back in 1984. His company has been developing new ideas, consulting and creating software for the industry on both sides of the Atlantic, ever since. That is over 25 years continuous experience. Over 100,000 hours! Most of those hours have been spent on-site in actual pawn and cheque-advance stores, designing real life software to solve real life problems.

Why do software companies vanish?
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where are they now

During those 25 years many other software companies have come ... and gone!

Many so-called "systems" large and small have been offered to the pawn-industry, only to disappear a couple of years later. Where did they all go? Click here or click the magnifier glass on the left to learn more.

British-born, Best still spends a lot of time in the UK working with British clients, as well as running the US office.

Between the UK and the USA, his company has dealt with hundreds of pawn shops, each one a unique challenge and learning experience.

Because of the international client-base, the system has to be able to satisfy a very wide range of industry requirements, and incorporate the very newest advances. DAZZLE PAWN incorporates the very best of both the British and the US way of doing things.

Invention and innovation are the keywords. This is not an empty boast. Not only did Best's company create the first PC-based pawn program, but they have been .

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For example did you know they created the first successful pawnshop management system in Microsoft® Windows®? Other companies just imitated them. Click here or click the prize ribbon on the left to see a list of inventions and improvements pioneered by Best software.You will probably be surprised ...


All that knowledge and experience, all of those 100,000 hours of development and know-how, culminated in the new DAZZLE PAWN system...

And it really pays off for you.

Think of it this way --- who would you rather have piloting your 747 as you fly across the ocean: seasoned pilots with 25 years flying experience, or rookies who just got their pilot's license? Do you remember that egg? Wouldn't you really rather have your business data in the most experienced hands possible?

Once you make that decision, there is only one logical choice ...